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A bespoke, custom made nylon foldable shopping tote bag, with a full colour print

Nylon Shopping Bags: a Tote-ally Brilliant Branding Solution

Bespoke Bag description
Bag: 70d Nylon shopper bag. Built in handle, and built in pouch with drawstring closure.

White bag, with direct to garment print in full colour on both the bag and the pouch (edge to edge).

Quantity 7500


Our client specialises in health foods and diet plans. They came to us to change their current ‘new-membership’ bag.

They currently give a joining pack, for free to new customers; all items handed over within a printed plastic carrier bag with their logo.

They thought they could better utilise the bag as a marketing tool, and create a bespoke tote to enhance their brand image.

Reason one being the lack of branding potential of their existing bag. A carrier bag may get re-used, but there is always the chance it will be used for rubbish. Therefore the potential number of impressions on their target market is low.

There is also the carrier bag tax that has been introduced in England. There would be an increased demand for shopping bags that last (bag for life, jute shopper bag) as customers would be taking their own bags to the supermarkets to avoid paying per bag. This would therefore increase the opportunity of such a bag as a promotional tool, and lead to increased brand awareness.

With the above in mind our client had found some existing ‘off-the-shelf’ bags that could potentially work for their project.

The bags were sourced and samples sent to the client.


initial sample lemon shopping bag – made from polyester
initial sample strawberry shopping bag – made from polyester, with built in handles
Bags of Ideas


The sample bags were disappointing in many aspects, such as the build quality, material used, finishing. Overall the bags were poor. Though rather than dismiss the samples, we encouraged the customer to use them as a template and a benchmark for creating their own design and specifications for a bag.

We were later presented with a digital bag design, the only aspect of the bag yet to be decided was the final material.

The design looked great, incorporating the company logo along with some striking full colour images; we couldn’t wait to get to work on this, and make the design become a reality.

At this stage of the process the customer informed us that they were getting samples from a number of companies, and that they were looking for a quality promotional product, not just a good price.

With the above in mind, we examined the design, selected a factory and commissioned some samples.

Shortly after providing the samples we received some great feedback regarding the quality and the pricing of the bespoke prototype we had created. Our sample, though requiring some changes, was the best the client had received in terms of build & print quality and accuracy. This allowed us to continue the remainder of the process without the competition as we had gained the clients confidence.

Changes were made to the sample, the main 2 being the print method (change from a transfer to a direct to garment sublimation print) and the material (changed from a 200d polyester, to a 70d soft touch nylon), along with some smaller aesthetical details.

The client gave final approval, and production began.

The goods have now been delivered, and the customer is more than happy with the bags – they are as per the sample, and more importantly, they are being utilised in the way they hoped for, adding a huge amount of value to their brand, and giving their customers a ‘bag for life’.




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