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Case Study Galton Flowers Bag




The Flower Bag

Bespoke Bag description
8oz Canvas, Cylindrical Flower Tote with reinforced base. Long double handles. Made to customers ideal dimensions and chosen materials. To be dyed gold, with gold foil printing to compliment.

Quantity 1000

Sayeh, a London-based florist required a more reliable supplier for her laminated paper bags.

The Story
The original bags were 25x25x25cm with rope handled bag, matt lamination, and with a single colour print (black) on each side. The bag was flooded gold. 200gsm Material.

Our first aim was to recreate her existing product but at a lower cost AND at higher quality. This was achieved, with a heavier paper AND a saving of around 10% on her current supplier.



Discussion Stage

Discussion stage

However, Sayeh realised that a paper bag may not be suitable.

She listed some of the issues:

‌• The weight of some flowers (plus the pots) meant the bags were not always strong enough; both rope and structure often gave way.
‌• The handles were not long enough to carry larger bouquets.

The bags seemed to damage and scuff easily in transit when being delivered, and if they got wet – a common issue when dealing with fresh cut flowers – they would often fall apart.

We also discussed “usability” and the value for money they offered as a promotional marketing tool.

The big questions you ask with any give-away are:

1 Will the customer use the product again?
2 Will the product be seen by more people?

If your logo is not seen by your target audience, then the branding becomes redundant.



New Brief

New Brief

So we had our brief: find a bag that …

1 Is fit for purpose – durable and practical.
2 Has longevity – so that it can be re-used to justify the branding.


We discussed possible solutions; what materials should be used, what length of should the handles be, how should they be printed, and what colour it would be.

Armed with Sayeh’s agreed requirements, I sent some samples, covering a variety of sizes, shapes and materials – including cotton, canvas, jute and non-woven.

As the samples did not quite fit the bill, Sayeh used the materials she liked to create a sample custom canvas bag.

The design was simple but above all it was exactly what the client wanted.

We took her sample and got to work. Sketches were drawn and contact was made with our select manufacturers.



A proposal was given to Sayeh. Her initial reaction was that for a unique, bespoke product, the bags were great value, and the MOQs were low enough to make the project feasible. The proposal was approved.

The First step was the sample. A design visual was approved and then the first sample was in Sayeh’s hands.

She tested every element of the custom sample. to make sure it was fit for purpose. A couple of changes were needed: some practical, some aesthetic. A final sample was created, and approved. Bulk production began.

To ensure that the bags were produced to the standard of the approved sample, we sent in a third party inspection team, to check all the details of the product, including canvas thickness, sizes, and printing quality. This gave everyone involved peace of mind.

Design Galton Flowers Pot Holder Bag



This project is a great example of how a unique product can be created with the right vision, and without compromise. Galton flowers is a first mover away from paper bags to a more luxury item, which meets practical requirements and reinforces the luxury brand. The new bag also offers great potential as a promotional marketing tool due to its practicality and longevity.

The bags are now in store, and they look great. It is now only a matter of times before we see people using them up and down Hampstead high-street.




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