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10oz Canvas Shopper

3oz Cotton Shopper - Fair Wear

50 Can Cooler Bag
A5 Soft Touch Note Book

A6 Soft Touch Note Book

Adalie Weekender Bag

Amanta Document Bag

Amazon Document Bag

Andro Shopper Bag

Appointment Conference Bag

Avenue Continental

Azzurra Trolley Bag

Baggy Laptop Bag

Bagomatic Cosmetic Bag

Bapal Rucksack

Binky Beach Bag

Bist Conference Folder

Boccaria Travel Bag

Bongo Canvas Shopper Bag

Borden Tablet Bag

Bottle Cooler Bag

Brooklyn Shoulder Bag

Buchi Shoulder Bag

Budget 5oz Cotton Shopper

Budget 8oz Cotton Shopper

Budget Non-Woven Cooler Bag

Bundi Jute Shopper Bag

Bweha Cotton Shopper Bag

Campo Cooler Set

Cancun Travel Pouch

Canterbury Meeting Bag

Carry Document Bag

Case Logic 10

Case Logic 13" Laptop Sleeve

Case Logic 15.6 iPad

Case Logic 15.6 Tablet

Case Logic 16" Laptop Rucksack

Case Logic 17" Rucksack

Case Logic Ibira Rucksack

Case Logic InTransit Rucksack

Case Logic Laptop Bag

Cecina Trolley

Cel Sports Bags

Chainhurst Duffle Bag

Champ Sports Bag

Charter Document Bag

Chatham Tote Bag

Choroa Non-woven Shopper Bag

Chow Jute Shopper

Chui Jute Shopper Bag

Classico Briefcase

Clip Close Carrier Bag

Core 15" Computer Backpack

Cotton Duffle Bag

Cottonel Shopper Bag

Curve Document Case

Custom Printed Dust Bags

Daffy Non-Woven Rucksack

Dartford Tablet Stand

Daypack Cosmetic Bag

Dotcom Laptop Bag

Double Document Bag

Dover Laptop Bag

Drawstring Cotton Colour

Duma Cotton Shopper Bag

Dunham Natural Shopper

Dunluce Mini Bag

East well Tote Bag

Eco Drawstring Rucksack

Edison Conference Bag

Elegance Travel Bag

Expo Document Bag

Eynsford Tote

F&C Cambridge Laptop Messenger

F&C Cambridge Tablet Messenger

F&C Campster 15" Backpack

F&C Classic Backpack

F&C Classic Duffle

F&C Hudson 14" Laptop Tote

F&C Hudson 15.6" Laptop Backpack

F&C Hudson Weekender Duffell

Fashion Tote Bag - Fair Wear

Faversham Rucksack



Flapa Document Bag

Flare 15.6” Laptop Backpack

Flexi Loop Handle Carrier Bag

Folby Non-woven Shopper Bag

Foldable Shopper

Foldy Non-woven Shopper Bag

Fordcombe Tablet Stand

Frubi Waist Bag

Funo Jute Shopper Bag

Graphite Tablet Bag

Groombridge 10oz Shopper

Halfar Bonny Duffle Rucksack

Halfar Campus Rucksack

Halfar City Sports Bag

Halfar Congress Bag

Halfar Country Rucksack

Halfar Country Shoulder Bag

Halfar Daypack City

Halfar Easy Event Bag

Halfar Easy Shoulder Bag

Halfar Eco Lorry Bag

Halfar Family XL Cool Bag

Halfar Galaxy Backpack

Halfar Galaxy Sports Bag

Halfar Laptop Backpack

Halfar Mission Rucksack

Halfar Modern Classic Shopper

Halfar Office Notebook Bag

Halfar Retro Shoulder Bag

Halfar Solution Congress Bag

Halfar Sport Rucksack

Halfar Style Shoulder Bag

Halfar Success Laptop Bag

Halfar Trail Backpack

Halton Jute Shopper Bag

Hang Toiletry Bag

Harlem 14

Harvard Travel Wallet

Helix Laptop Backpack

Hever Sports Bag

High Park Picnic Rucksack

Himalaya Rucksack

Hugget Beach Bag

Hyki Rucksack

Hype Document Bag

Jasmine School Bag

Jaunt 15.6

Jeavy Waist Bag

Journey Laptop Rucksack

Juhu Jute Shopper

Juko Jute Shopper Bag

Jute Bottle Shopper Bag

Jute Single Wine Bag

KAA Canvas Shopper Bag

Kansas Document Bag

Kanu Cotton Shopper Bag

Kasa Cotton Shopper Bag

Kasuku Jute Shoulder Bag

Keneth Shopper Bag

Kiboko Cotton Shopper Bag

Kifaru Cotton Shopper Bag

Kima Non-woven Shopper Bag

Knowlton Delegate Bag

Koozie 6 Can Cool Bag

Kraft Paper Bag - Twist Handle

Kuku Cotton Shopper Bag

Kuru Cotton Shopper Bag

Laminated Paper Bag - Large

Laminated Paper Bag - Medium

Laminated Paper Bag - Small

Laminated Paper Wine Bag

Lift 15.6" Computer Messenger

Lighthouse Non-woven Shopper

Luggage Strap

Lunar 15.6” Laptop Backpack

Lupus Laptop Sleeve

Lupus Tablet Sleeve

Macau Laptop Bag

Macau Trolley Bag

Madison Shoulder Bag

Magofold Shopper Bag

Mamba Bag

Marine Beach Bag

Market Jute Shopper

Marketa Colour Shopper

Marketa Cotton Shopper

Maxton Tote Bag

Meeting Laptop Bag

Meeting Trolley Bag

Mercado Shopper Bag

Micro Fibre Document Bag

Milton 14" Laptop Backpack

Milton 15.4" Laptop Backpack

Milton Sports Bag

Milton Travel Bag

Mini Cotton Shopper Bag

Mini Juko Shopper Bag

Mini Jute Shopper Bag

Minimax Shopper bag

Minister Laptop Bag

Monte Rucksack

Moonlight Cosmetic Bag

Motion Laptop Bag

Munich Airline Bottle Set

Neolap Laptop Bag

Neotec Laptop Bag

Non-Woven Full Colour Shopper

Non-woven Tote Bag

Nova Cosmetic Bag

Nyoka Cotton Shopper Bag

Ogio Apex Rucksack

Ogio Bullion Laptop Rucksack

Ogio Crunch Duffle

Ogio Curb Laptop Rucksack

Ogio Elgin Laptop Bag

Ogio Endurance Duffle

Ogio Half Dome Duffle

Ogio Rockwell Laptop Backpack

Ogio Stratagem Rucksack

Ogio Upton Laptop Bag

On-Board Trolley Bag

Paka Cotton Shopper Bag

Parno Document Bag

Patch Handle Carrier Bag - Large

Patch Handle Carrier Bag - Medium

Patch Handle Carrier Bag - Small

Pimbi Canvas Document Bag

Pisina Duffle Bag

Plas Toiletry Bag

Plastic Duffle/Drawstring Bag

Plicool Shopper Bag

Pofu Canvas Shopping Bag

Power Stretch Laptop Rucksack

Practic Trolley Bag

Premium Drawstring Rucksack

Promocool Cooler Bag

Proton 17" Computer Attaché

Proton 17" Laptop Case

Proton Rucksack

Proton Travel Bag

Punch Handle Carrier Bag - Small

Punda Cotton Drawstring Bag

Quadra Hiking Boot Bag

Rainham 12 Can Cooler

Rainham Colour Shoppers

Rainham Lunch Cooler

Rainham Tote Bag

Reflective Drawstring Rucksack

Retro Laptop Bag

Revelstoke 14" Laptop Backpack

Revelstoke 15.6" Shoulder Bag

Revelstoke Travel Bag

Ridge 15.6" Computer Backpack

Rochester Laptop Trolley

Ronda Sports Bag

Royton Rucksack

Rustic Picnic Bag

Samaki Jute Shopper Bag

Sandgate 7oz Tote Bag

Scuba Waterproof Rucksack

Shoop Draw String Rucksack

Shopmag Non-woven Shopper

Shopper Tote - Fair Wear

Sili Cotton Shopper Bag

Simba Jute Shopper Bag

Slazenger Brisbane Rucksack

Slazenger Brisbane Sports Bag

Slazenger Chester Duffle

Slazenger Messenger Bag

Slazenger Richmond Shoulder Bag

Slazenger Wembely Backpack

Slazenger York Backpack

Slazenger York Duffle

Slazenger York Shoulder Bag

Slazenger York Sports Bag

Small & Smart Cosmetic Bag

Snowdown Cotton Shopper

Soko Jute Document Bag

Sportpro Holdall

Stark Tablet Messenger

Strappy Luggage Strap

Street Tote - Fair Wear

Strippy Shoulder Bag

Sullivan Document Bag

Swala Jute Shopper Bag

Swale Conference Bag

Taffy Document Bag

Tai Non-Woven Drawstring Bag

Talor Conference Bag

Tandu Shopper Bag

Taya Cotton Shopper Bag

Tebby iPad Bag

Techbag Laptop Bag

Tecla Shopping Bag

Tembo Jute Shopper Bag

Terra Sports Bag

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Theo Document Bag

Thepo Document Bag

Tikal Rucksack

Togo Laptop

Tohe Cotton Shopper Bag

Toptrend Laptop Case

Toptrend Laptop Rucksack

Tou Trolley Bag

Traveller Luggage Tag

Triangular Rucksack

Tucana Shopper Bag

Tutti Jute Shopper

Twist Handle Paper Carrier Bags

Value Non-Woven Shopper








  • With over 40 years of experience within the promotional merchandise industry we realised that the sale of promotional bags made up the largest part of the market – whether it be Polythene carriers, or bespoke rucksacks...
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