Promotional Bags that keep on Giving

Posted on November 12, 2019 at 2:30 PM

Your promo bags can do more than beyond promoting your brand


Bags of Ideas believes that buying the right bag is important to any successful promotion. Choosing the wrong tote will simply make your campaign less effective.

We also know that there are some items within our range that offer more than just building brand awareness and improved customer loyalty, so we’re going to look at specific examples in varying styles and purposes, but all with one thing in common: they give that little extra by making for a better world and a greener planet.

What exactly do we mean by bags that keep on giving? Well, taking an example from outside of the promotional product or service arena, a product we all buy, toilet tissue, is often touted as eco-friendly to encourage sales, with incentives like planting a tree for every pack sold.

Such a promotion shows the manufacturer is aware that trees must be cut down to make the paper itself, and ensures more are replanted to replace them.

But you don’t need to plant a forest to advertise your goodwill. It could come in the form of a charitable donation for every item sold. Either way, the end result is some tangible good comes from the purchase of your product.

Within the promo merchandise industry – bags specifically – we’ve found a number of products that not only fit marketing needs, but also offer additional benefits for the greater good.

On the Seas’ side

Our first choice today is the Newchurch range of shoppers and totes made from various recycled cotton materials including old towels, production line off-cuts and other waste fibre, blended together with a small amount of recycled PET for added strength and durability.

From the word go, this product has great eco credentials as it utilises 100% recycled raw materials. An ideal way to showcase your brand and its eco awareness.

On top of this, with each bag sold, Newchurch donates 5% of the manufacturing cost to “Plastic Oceans”, a charity that aims to see plastic waste eliminated from our seas, by promoting the recycling of plastic materials.

Most of your marketing bases are covered with just three bag styles: a standard shopper bag, a larger shopper tote with gusset, and a durable drawstring bag rucksack.

If you chose a Newchurch bag for your next campaign, not only would it gain from the normal benefits of promotional marketing, it would receive added value by ticking all the boxes of an environmentally-aware project, shining a positive light on your brand, improving your public perception and boosting customer loyalty.

Eco Shopper

Large Eco Shopper

Eco Drawstring

Eco Shopper Large Eco Shopper Eco Drawstring

Compost Carriers

Our next selection is a twist on the traditional plastic carrier bag, these days not exactly seen as a green option. One reason for this is the long decomposition time of most plastic in landfill sites coupled with a lack of re-use.

But demand for a practical shopping bag is still high, and so they remain a great promotional tool.

A greener solution is a “plastic” bag made from compostable potato starch. Unlike the more familiar HDPE supermarket carrier, these printed bags can put into any organic waste bin, or compost heap, to rot away naturally leaving nothing but organic nutrients.

Surprisingly, the market price per unit is only slightly higher than a standard plastic bag. Not only will landfill sites and seas be spared further plastic pollution, the raw materials are not derived from increasingly expensive and dwindling fossil fuels.


Potato Starch Bag
Potato Starch Bag

Totes Fairtrade

Our last choice today from our increasingly-extensive range of promo items for brand identity is another twist on the classic shoulder tote.

The trusty cotton shopper is the best-selling and most versatile product for branding. Not only is it competitively priced, it’s also well-received by consumers, guaranteeing re-use and increased brand awareness. Now it can offer even more.

Our collection features two ranges of promotional products that go beyond eco-friendly – they also improve the lives of the people in the country they originate from.

The simple cotton Fairtrade® shopper guarantees workers who gather the raw materials receive a fair wage and decent working conditions.

The unit cost is understandably slightly higher – the so-called "fairtrade premium" – but, in a world, where child labour and sweatshop working conditions are still widespread, companies joining in the fight against such injustices can only benefit in the long run.

All Fairtrade® Foundation products bear the familiar logo, so as your brand will help to promote this icon of 25 years of responsibility, heightening public opinion, encouraging new custom and improving trust with existing clients.

Fair Wear® has a similar philosophy to Fairtrade®, and was initially more focused on the garment industry.

Our Fair Wear® range is more extensive than even our Fairtrade products, offering items that are not only ethically produced with regards to labour, but also uses sustainable materials

Opting for a Fair Wear® bag over a standard shopper will not only highlights your views on labour inequality, but also demonstrates that you are conscious of the importance of being environmentally friendly and even your awareness of climate change.


Bweha Shopper
Shopper Tote
Bweha Shopper Shopper Tote

Ultimately, your brand can help to make a difference, by contributing to good causes, helping those less fortunate, promoting responsibility in business and even helping to tackle climate change, all factors which are growing in importance in the minds of your customers.

By choosing promotional items for your marketing campaign that demonstrate your awareness of the issues associated with global trade, you will chime better with your market. You can make simple changes within your organisation that can add value in the short and long term, not only to your brand and marketing strategies, but beyond.



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