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Sporting Success is Tote-ally Within Your Grasp

Posted on October 2, 2019 at 11:00 PM

A Variety of Branded sports bags used to Promote Teams


Summer is well and truly over it seems; the days are getting shorter and colder.

But one thing we all have to look forward to is Autumn, the season of sport. Football may be back on the telly, but if you prefer a more active role in the beautiful game, you’ll no doubt have already dusted off your boots and are right back in the swing of things.

With this in mind, we thought we’d talk about promotional sports and kit bags, looking at their uses – on and off the field – the variety of other uses for duffel-style bags, and their actual benefit as a promotional tool. We’ll also touch on how branded sports luggage can help generate income to help support players and their team.

So, first things first, what do we mean by a sports bag? The first image that probably pops into your head is the traditional “holdall”, similar to those below. Generally finished in a sporty style, the opposite maybe to a trendy travel or weekend bag.

But thinking “outside the bag”, their potential uses for sports bag printing go way beyond the touchline. Conversely, there are a huge range of styles which can perfectly suit sporting requirements, without the premium price tag usually seen on quality kit bags.

conference bag

document wallet

event mess

Boomerang duffle Bag Hever Sports Bag Slazenger Duffle

In promotional marketing terms, something like sports holdalls with a shoulder strap would not be the “go-to” product for trade shows and big events, but they do come into their own when the time is right.

In the same way that providing a team strip gives a side an identity, adding luggage as an extension of their kit brings multiple additional benefits.

On the player level, it increases confidence and improves the feeling of being part of a competitive unit. Carrying your team badge on and off the pitch adds to team spirit – players are proud to promote what they’re a part of.

But have you thought that it can also help to recruit new star players.

Take schools and colleges as an example – players leave each year as a matter of course, so new players are in demand and having existing teammates show off the strength of the team can only encourage new applicants.


Of course, small teams or societies may have limited funds. For them, a sports bag with an embroidered logo may seem an extravagance. However, surveys show that charging new members for kit to is rarely met with criticism, and most are happy to pay for the right to exclusivity, seeing it as an acceptable joining cost.

Aside from teams, sports schools, or training services can benefit greatly from branded sports items, including luggage. If you were running a tennis training school, for example, providing some branded merchandise as part of the sign-up could do wonders to promote your business.

If current pupils are provided with a sports bag that carries the school’s name, the visibility of your offering will spread. And data proves that companies which are seen to invest in promotional material are perceived to be more stable and reliable, thus encouraging more students to sign up.

There’s also huge potential for personalised sports bags or kit bags in the fitness industry, the biggest opportunity being for health clubs and gyms trying to encourage new subscriptions. Offering a branded starter pack is a great way to help seal the deal – perhaps a free printed sports bag, complete with a branded water bottle and towel, or even a power bank to charge up that phone while you're working out.

Beyond the sales pitch, these gym bags travel with them to their work-out, spreading word of your business to the friends, colleagues and passers-by in the street, all of who could be the next one through the door wanting to sign up. There are chic womens sports bags which would not be out of place in a trendy High Street store.

The value of branded material is not lost on the biggest names is sport, from Wimbledon to White Hart Lane, Twickenham to Trent Bridge, and Silverstone to Soldier Field, promotional products play a huge part in generating revenue.

A team is nothing without its fans, and by offering them branded merchandise not only enables your supporters to feel even more part of the team, it promotes your club while generating revenue. As we all surely know by now, promotional bags are the best products to get the furthest reach, so offering unique full colour print holdalls, duffle bags or rucksacks printed with the team crest will spread the name far and wide.

A Brand Leader in Any Event

Now let’s throw a curve ball and consider sports matches themselves. How about printed bags for events? The humble duffel bag is not well suited to large gatherings, but if you’re running a sports event – a charity fun-run for example – what bag is better suited?

Consider this scenario: a sporting event like a fun run or half marathon. There's a large number of attendees and participants, all of whom are there with the aim to promote a cause. The hoped-for result is increased awareness on the day, and more takers for follow-up events.

A successful use of a promotional drawstring bag might involve each participant taking home a branded bag with event-related goodies inside. In this scenario, the “sports bag” does not need perceived “value”, mainly because it’s the taking part which is important – the value is what is printed on the bag. Below are some ideal options:

conference bag

document wallet

event mess

Premium Drawstring Rucksack Non-woven Drawstring Rucksack Peek Drawstring Backpack

Holdalls and Duffels are widely used outside of the sports and fitness industry, with numerous benefits. One industry that stands out is construction. Many large organisations have been investing into their staff, providing them with simple robust holdalls branded with the company logo for their kit for a day on site.

One key benefit is staff moral and loyalty – providing employees with equipment for their job goes a long way – but beyond that, employees carrying the logo on a daily basis send positive signals to the wider world, suggesting financial stability. While this send a good customer service message to current clients it also sends the right message to prospects.

It’s clear then that sports bags fulfill a different role in the promotional market to cotton bags or jute totes, but there is an overlap too. A sports bag can be used outside of its defined purpose. Similarly, a sports event does not necessarily require a specialist sports bag.

Playing by the rules, it’s clear that using sports bag to promote your brand a winning combination.

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