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Waterproof Bags Are Enough to Whet Your Appetite

Posted on October 25, 2019 at 3:30 PM

waterproof promo bags being put to use


With colder days becoming more frequent, and the heavens opening more often, we thought we’d look at bags that can not only promote your brand, but also prove a lifesaver in the British climate – especially the rain!

Waterproof and water-resistant styles vary from shoulder strap bags to beach totes and rucksacks. We’ll look over at the various types available, the situations they are great for, and how they can be used as a promotional tool.

The past few years have seen rising demand for waterproof bags. These can be divided into two basic categories – dedicated waterproof carriers, and everyday bags with the added feature of peace of mind in damp conditions – for example a laptop rucksack with a waterproof bag liner.

Traditional-style waterproof dry bags – a water resistant shopper for example – could still be used for events, or as a bag for life, but they have extra appeal to consumers with the bonus feature.

So what added benefits do water resistant or waterproof bags bring, and how can they add more value to your marketing campaign?

The obvious first factor is the season in which you’re running an event. In the summer, a cotton bag usually ticks all the boxes. But if you’re planning a winter conference, a canvas bag might not be a practical solution for a promotional product. Even if the event is indoors, attendees may still have to face the elements on leaving with a bag full of goodies.

But the summer may not be much better. Did you know that statistically, Wimbledon Fortnight – definitely a summer event – is the wettest two months of the year, as a result of the heavy downpours we all know and love.

Providing a branded shopping bag that can repel the elements could add more value to your promotion, and help you stay one step ahead of your competitors. Be it a conference or trade show or a festival, if dry bags keep your customers' contents safe, they can only walk away with a positive impression.

You then have the added benefits of future usage. As we all know, a good bag will be cherished by the recipient, and can travel far a wide, from the shop to work, from university to the gym, or a waterproof bag for swimming.

The added benefit of being weather-proof will only ensure the bag will be used more often, all year round. It can also increase the potential reach of your promotional item – to locations such as the beach, or the swimming pool, keeping the sand, dirt and water at bay.

Many Styles, one purpose

More corporate, or bags to suit business needs can also benefit from being splash proof. Be it a laptop and tablet bag or a rucksack, provided to staff or as part of a gift initiative to your best customers.

In all cases, the added practicality of water resistance, eliminating the risk of water damage from, say, a leaky water bottle, can only improve the perceived value, increasing staff morale or customer loyalty.

Lunar Laptop Rucksack


Halfar Tarp Shoulder

Lunar Laptop Rucksack Onyx i-Stay Halfar Tarp Shoulder

At the other end of the spectrum, there are now printed-bag designs for the sole purpose of keeping stuff out of the water. By default, these lend themselves to more specific opportunities within promotional marketing. In terms of versatility, they may not rank so high, but they’re good at what they do.

To highlight this, let’s look at a few specific items, and how they can work as a promotional tool in the right circumstances.

Firstly, what about the increasingly popular waterproof pouches? They come in a variety of sizes – from a waterproof phone case for your iPhone or Galaxy s8, to a suitably sized plastic bag for a tablet or camera – and have a waterproof seal.

Waterproof bags for electronics are great for looking after valuable items when at the pool, or the beach, plus, as they’re made from transparent material, can be used to take electronic items underwater, like taking pictures while snorkelling.

If you run a holiday or tour company, a technology firm, or social media outlet, these could be perfect gifts to customers. They might be giveaways at an event, or a free gift with purchase. Allowing the public to capture their cherished moments on holiday will greatly increase your public image. They can even work well to create social media trends – encourage customers to take photos that were previously out of bounds and post them using a defined hash tag.

Simplicity is the Key

Besides underwater photography, waterproof pouches could be used at rain-sensitive events such as festivals – either as giveaways, or for sale at merchandise stands. Simply keeping your phone and wallet dry and accessible around your neck during a crowded event, makes them a practical accessory to be used again and again, carrying and promoting your brand.

As well as waterproof pouches, the popularity of simple duffel style waterproof backpacks has increased rapidly.

These bags are simple by design – usually with one main compartment, but built from robust tarpaulin, with a watertight folding zip mechanism. The simple design means they offer great branding potential – with large, uninterrupted flat areas, ideal for large, visible print of a company logo.

This style is generally a little more expensive than a shopper-style bag, yet still affordable. We believe if used correctly can serve various industries well as a promotional tool, the obvious example is a holiday and tourism company opting for a dry bag rucksack for staff and customers.

We also see potential within the construction industry. Companies might provide their staff with a more durable kit bag that not only holds their daily essentials such as tools, clothing or a water bottle, but also keeps them dry all year round.

Cancun Travel Pouch

Scuba Rucksack

Waterproof Rucksack

Cancun Travel Pouch Scuba Rucksack Waterproof Rucksack

It’s clear that regardless of the time of the year, waterproof and water-resistant bags have tremendous potential. As a promotional bag, they may be an obvious winner in winter. But if you think outside the bag, additional benefits can be reaped rain or shine, adding value to your brand and ensuring increased visibility and better returns on investment.

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