Marketing Week Live 2014: Bags of Ideas Launches

Marketing Week Live 2014

Marketing Week Live 2014: Bags of Ideas Launches! Posted on July 11, 2014 at 4:00 PM Marketing Week Live (MWL) is the marketing event of the year in the UK. With thousands of visitors flooding through the doors over the duration of 2 days, it was the perfect event to launch our Bags of Ideas brand. Bags of Ideas is the brainchild of Paul Green, the director of leading promotional merchandise company Galpeg. With years of experience in the industry, Paul noticed that promotional bags were possibly the most effective and widely used product in the industry. What also became apparent to him was how vast the range of bags out there is, and how difficult it can be for businesses to find the right bags for their company or promotion amongst the thousands of products available from a range of distributors. Despite this issue in the marketplace, there were virtually no businesses online dedicated to offering a diverse range of promotional bags along with competitive prices, industry expertise and top-class customer service. That’s where Bags of Ideas came in – an online business specialising in promotional bags and nothing else. This business model has allowed us to create a place where consumers can find exactly the bags they need every time. And if our customers don’t know what would work best, our team of experts share their experience to make sure they come away with a product that will be highly effective to them. If that’s not enough, we used our connections to develop a service whereby we can manufacture truly unique bespoke bags for our customers. Just in case our huge range of bags wasn’t enough! MWL was the first chance we had to unveil the Bags of Ideas brand, which had been quietly in development over the months prior. In this prime location, we were finally able to show off what we had to offer and obtain real feedback from exhibition goers. The result? A resounding success! Not only did people like the concept, but they loved the brand, the helpful team and our enthusiasm for our customers and what we do. In online terms, Bags of Ideas is still in its infancy. But with an ever growing range of products and some of the best prices and turnaround times on the web, Bags of Ideas could soon be the only site you require for all your promotional bag needs. Can’t find the bag you’re looking for? Try our Bag Finder and narrow your search in minutes! TRY BAG FINDER

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