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Promotional Eco Friendly Bags


Promotional eco bags are the perfect way to promote your business in an environmentally friendly manner. An eco bag printed with your logo will not only increase brand exposure, but will also communicate your responsible business approach for all to see, and add real value to your business. There is also a high perceived value of the recipient of such a product.

What, you might ask, makes an eco-friendly promotional bag? Well, all the bags in this section are made from alternative materials to your standard plastic carrier bags, such as cotton or non-woven pp. More importantly, perhaps, they offer a re-usable alternative to disposable plastic bags, which clog waterways, harm wildlife and end up in landfills. Both cotton and jute can be grown sustainably. Jute in particular has so many environmentally friendly qualities that we wrote a whole page on it. The reusability of our eco bags also means a better return on investment on your advertising spend. Bonus!

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