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Why branded face masks are a businesses must

Why branded face masks are a businesses must Posted on April 30, 2020 at 10:00 PM While “Business as Usual” is hard to do in the UK at the moment because of Coronavirus, we’ve been busy manufacturing branded certified face masks to help you and your clients stay safe. While there may be a cloud of uncertainty surrounding what things will be like when we emerge from Lockdown, one thing is certain – life as we know it will be completely different, and face masks could become the new “norm”. Do face masks actually prevent the spread of Coronavirus? One major cause of virus infection is via droplets spread by coughs and sneezes. While there’s still much debate over the issue, certified face masks have been shown to offer some protection from coming into contact with virus particles spread this way. And because symptoms may not become clear for up to two weeks after infection – or may not show at all – they also help to ensure you’re not transmitting the virus to others if you have it. Face masks in the UK Demand in the UK is soaring as the war against Coronavirus goes on. Face masks are sold out across pharmacies and supermarkets nationwide and stockpiles are flying off shelves as soon as they’re delivered. Major cities such as New York and Berlin have already made face masks mandatory in public, and we believe it’s only a matter of time before the UK follows suit. Recently, the BMA – the British Medical Association – urged the Government to equip all key workers outside the NHS – including delivery drivers, shopkeepers, carers, transport and supermarket staff – with face masks to help combat the virus spread. They also want the Government to ask ordinary people to cover their mouth and nose when venturing outside to shop of for their daily exercise. The new norm in the workplace and beyond… How long Lockdown should go on is constantly being revaluated by Government officials and scientific advisors, but it won’t last forever (thank goodness). So, now is the time to start thinking about life post-Lockdown, and how you can maximise safety in the workplace. Face masks are part of the solution. Because of the nature of your business, it may simply be impossible to stick to the two-metre social distancing rule, so face masks may very likely be enforced for the safety of staff and customers. Take football clubs, for example. Fans up and down the country are hoping for the return of the Premier League in June, even though it may be behind closed doors. But when the stadiums start to fill again, face masks could help to prevent further spread of the virus. Even in ordinary workplaces such as offices and warehouses, the use of face masks will be a must-have to help protect staff from the transmission of Coronavirus between workers, even if the two-metre rule is being applied. Don’t forget that a cough or sneeze can spread droplets as far as six to eight metres and can linger in the air for up to 10 minutes. The safety of your staff is not worth putting at risk. Introducing, promotional face masks! Like pretty much everything else, face masks can also be custom-printed for promotional purposes. In fact, branded face masks are nothing new, the music industry was one of the first to tap into the idea and promotional face masks are some of the most-wanted merchandise on the web stores of many rock bands. They’re also given away to fans who place online orders. Why? Because they’re cost-effective, they help the wearer to stay safe and they will be reused time and time again. We recognise face masks are an essential item for businesses and employees returning to work in the coming weeks and months. So, in addition to our range of promotional bags, we can now source fully-certified face masks printed with your company logo, so your clients and colleagues can stay safe, look good and promote your brand, all at the same time. Whether you want an elaborate and colourful full-coverage design, or a minimalistic one-colour logo print option, branded face masks are an essential way to show the world you care. To find out more please email:

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