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Promotional Cosmetic, Tote or Canvas Bags for the Fashion and Beauty Sector

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Competition is, some would argue, the essence of sport. But does your sports business, club or team stand out from the competition? If you think you could do more to compete in your industry, a printed bag might be one way you could make a big impact. We have worked widely with the sports industry, from local football teams and swimming clubs, right up to large gym chains and leisure centres. What we’ve learned from this is that printed sports bags offer the perfect medium through which to promote your membership. With a wide choice of different styles, printing options and varieties to meet any budget, personalised bags are a flexible and effective choice whatever your goal.
Fashion & Beauty

Our expertise in developing and printing promotional bags is substantial with customers using them for everything from exhibitions, to providing samples, and even for giveaways. From our experience it’s clear that whether people are receiving items as prizes or giveaways their requirements are the same. They want a high quality bag that looks great, is attractively branded and, in most cases, includes something for them.

Filling the Perfect Promotional Cosmetic Bag

When it comes to filling a promotional cosmetic bag every campaign will be different. Obviously, if you have a certain product or products to promote they would make a fantastic addition. However, if you are looking to provide more of a general, all angles covered offering here are a few things to tick off your list:

• Tweezers • Nail Clippers • Toothbrush • Mirror • Wet Wipes • Toothpaste • Moisturiser • Foundation Brush • Concealer Brush • Eyelash Curler • Lip Balm • Q Tips/Cotton Buds

Benefits of Promotional Bags in the Fashion and Beauty Sector


Equip Brand Ambassadors

In the cosmetics industry particularly, brand advocacy and ambassadorship can be extremely powerful. By providing potential customers with a branded promotional bag not only could you turn them into an actual customer but you could also build a lifelong brand advocate.

Fill With Your Products

A promotional cosmetic, canvas or tote bag presents a great opportunity for you to get people trialling your own products. Don’t forget to make sure people know the products are yours with clear branding and maybe even a note in the bag

Work For You After The Event

A high quality promotional bag is practically guaranteed to make it back to your prospective customer’s house. Whether it then finds a place on a bathroom shelf or on someone’s shoulder every person that encounters it will also be exposed to your brand.

Generate Additional Revenue

As well as being great as giveaways and free promotional items at events or exhibitions, branded promotional bags are also great product offerings alongside a cosmetics or clothing range.

Find out more about our different promotional totecanvas and cosmetic bag offerings.

Promotional bags can also be fantastic for exhibitions and trade shows. Find out more here

Bespoke Bags for the Fashion and Beauty Sector

Are you looking to really stand out from the crowd? Maybe you have a specific design idea that you think will wow your potential customers? Well, you have come to the right place! Our bespoke bags service offers unparalleled expertise and resources in order to create promotional bags that never fail to impress. Visit our bespoke bags page or get in touch today to find out if this service is right for you.

Promotional Tote and Canvas Bags

Here’s a small selection of our promotional canvas bags, you can find more here

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