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Printed Bags and the Sports Industry

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The fashion and beauty industry has to be one of the most competitive and rapidly changing markets around. Fashions and styles change frequently, so when you have a new product to launch it’s important you raise awareness of it as quickly and effectively as possible. This is where promotional merchandise comes in. Not only are promotional cosmetictote or canvas bags a fantastic way to improve brand awareness and encourage brand advocacy, they’re also a handy way to provide samples to win over prospective customers.

Printed Bags and the Sports Industry

Benefits of Promotional Bags in the Sports Sector

Raise Awareness

A printed sports bag carried by your members will act as a moving billboard. With large print areas and unrivalled utility, a personalised sports bag will ensure that your name travels far and wide and receives the attention it deserves.

Improve Image

Nothing says professionalism like a unified appearance. You may have already invested in personalised clothing, but as soon as your members get changed its benefit is lost. Bring together your members with a branded bag or personalised kit bag so that they are identified as part of your club, team or gym wherever they go.

Reward Members

A branded sports bag makes the perfect members gift. Whether you’re incentivising new joiners or rewarding long-term loyalty, nothing will show your appreciation quite like a good quality sports bag.

Raise Event Profile

If you’d like to make your sporting events even more memorable, a printed bag will provide a long-lasting memento that will also make others aware of your event. An event bag is a perfect alternative to an event t-shirt and likely see more regular use, offering better cost per advertising impression. Printed drawstring bags in particular make perfect goody bags for events, offering a great way to distribute and hold other event items.

Bespoke Sports Bags

Are you looking for a truly unique sports bag or have you struggled to find the perfect sports bag for your promotional needs? Here at Bags of Ideas we offer a bespoke bag service, which utilises our broad network of designers and factories to offer you complete control over the design of your bag. Visit our bespoke bags page or get in touch now if you think this could be exactly what you need.

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