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Higher Education Promotional Bags for Universities and Colleges

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Competition within the education industry can be as fierce as any other, be it competition for the best students or to fill as many places as possible during Clearing. Now, with the availability of public funding decreasing every year, those student applications are more vital than ever for the continuing welfare of your university or college. Among the many marketing activities that must be implemented to successfully compete in the industry, the promotional bag shines as a tool that has proven its efficacy again and again.

We’ve designed and created promotional bags for a number of colleges and universities, used for student unions, events, fairs and a multitude of other purposes. Their versatility and usefulness makes printed bags a reliable tool for these institutions. What we’ve learnt from our work within the sector is that a successful promotion is all about grabbing your prospects’ attention. A well designed and printed bag can be the difference between a trickle of students and a torrent of them visiting your stand at a fair. Not sure how to achieve this? Our in-house design experts are here to ensure that your brand cannot be ignored on the right bag.

Promotional bags for Freshers’ Fairs

Colleges and universities aren’t the only ones who benefit from targeting students with promotional bags. During Freshers’ Week millions of students attend their university’s Freshers’ fair, where they are showered with cheap promotional merchandise from hundreds of different companies. You don’t want to miss out on this potentially lucrative opportunity, but how can your company stand out from the crowd?

Students only keep about 10% of the promotional merchandise they receive at a Freshers’ fair. You can significantly increase the likelihood of your branded merchandise being in that 10% in a number of ways. In order to successfully do this, your merchandise will have to offer utility, have an attractive and eye-catching design and be good quality. By choosing a bag, and the right bag, for your promo gift, you’ll tick all of these boxes. And we’ll help make sure your bags are a big hit at the Freshers’ fair.

Promotional bags for Freshers’ Fairs

Benefits of Promotional Bags in the Higher Education Sector

Equip Brand Ambassadors

A sense of belonging and community is something that every student seeks. A promotional bag can go a long way toward offering this. Give them something tangible that says “you’re a part of this” and they’ll proudly represent your institution by using your bag.

Attract Visitors to your Stand

Students at fairs, such as UCAS fairs, will be overloaded with prospectuses and an array of other printed literature. A suitable bag, such as a cotton tote bag, will catch their eye and have them approaching your stand. This is a perfect opportunity to open a dialogue with them or just to further promote your brand.

Generate Additional Revenue

It is important for universities and colleges to optimise revenue stream opportunities in order to do what they do best. Popular with students and inherently useful, promotional bags are the perfect item to brand with your logo and sell in on-campus shops and student unions.

Promote Clubs & Events

Raise awareness of important clubs and events with an eye-catching printed bag.

Bespoke Bags for the Higher Education Sector

Are you looking to really stand out from the crowd? Perhaps looking for a bag or design that will wow your prospects, be shared, shown off and remembered? Look no further! Our bespoke bags service offers unparalleled expertise and resources in order to create promotional bags that never fail to impress. Visit our bespoke bags page or get in touch today to find out if this service is right for you.

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