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Life's A Beach, So Bag Yourself Some Brand Awareness

Posted on April 10th, 2017 at 02:30 PM

Summer holidays aren’t all they’re cracked up to be, let’s be honest. What, after all is the attraction of stretching out on a beach, sipping a cocktail and soaking up the rays? Who are we kidding? It’s a very attractive proposition. So much so that “summer” holidays aren’t simply confined to the summer months any more. The growth in winter sun, spring sun or “late season” getaway holidays means that tanning oil, bikinis, flip-flops and all the usual beach accessories are now a year-round necessity. You also need to be seriously looking at the one thing that holds every holiday together … the quintessential beach bag. No matter if it’s a handy-sized bag for those essential beach accessories, or a shoulder bag just to stuff that swim towel in, you simply must have one.

Tote-ally Amazing For All The Family

Think about it. A beach tote is as essential to anyone planning a day out – not just at the beach but frankly anywhere – as remembering your sunglasses, wellington boots or everything your need for baby. Without the roomy canvas bag that holds so much more than you can ever imagine, you’d be weighed down with picnic food, blankets, buckets and spades, spare shoes, clothing or underwear, reading materials etc etc. The list goes on and on when considering just what you end up piling into the oversized canvas tote that rules the beach. That’s what makes a the gift of a beach bag the ideal promotional tool for your business. Your brand always on show and associated with fun in the sun, wherever and whenever you find it. And because beach bags are usually large capacity there are generally large areas available for branding at the right price. The knack is to make the right choice of beach bag. The bags that people will want to take with them wherever they go. How do you do that? It’s all about the vibe really. Are you heading to a beach with the whole family that’s likely to end up all sandy and wet? Are you in the UK climbing a hill to have a picnic at the top and admire the view or is it a chilled out day at the races with your friends? Either way, your way or someone else’s, there is a beach bag of the right size just waiting for you. For the messy, sandy beach trip you need to be looking for a spacious and waterproof tote bag – preferably with a zipper to keep the sand from tumbling in. For the hike up the hill you want a lightweight beach bag, probably one that you can put on your back – or use as a shoulder bag – but still have enough room for the picnic blanket and food.

Keeping The Water Out

If you’re the sort of woman who only has to consider themselves and the only decision to make is whether to use factor 30 or factor 15 then the whole beach bag cannon is on offer. A family heading to the beach would benefit from adding a few smaller waterproof drawstring bags in which to put wet beachwear, plus a couple of dust bags to keep things like keys and money in so that they don’t get all tangled up with the numerous shells and pebbles that are likely to be collected. In fact, a great idea would be to get every member of the family group their own cotton shopper with a waterproof bag inside and a dust bag for delicates so that they all fit inside the large beach bag but keep all their beach accessories separate. The hill-climbing crowd – unless they’re attempting to drag a handful of reluctant children up there with them – probably need a canvas tote that is spacious enough for a blanket or ground sheet, holds at least one bottle of decent wine (or water if they’re being good) and enough food to sink a ship. They probably won’t need much more than a camera to take shots of the view to stick up on Pinterest and possibly an old-fashioned map just in case there is no phone signal. But, the most likely user of a good beach bag by far is the single girl on the beach travelling with friends. Let’s take a peek in her beach bag and see just how much one woman can fit into a large size tote! First off there’s going to be sunscreen (we’re talking Mediterranean beach here, not some dreary, damp UK backwater) plus a spare lower factor suncream in case she feels like she’s not tanning fast enough – the lobster look never goes out of fashion when fair-skinned Brits travel abroad! What every woman needs, once tanning is taken care of, is beauty and hair maintenance. After all, just because you’re lying on the ground surrounded by sweaty and sandy people you can’t have an off-day can you? So, in her holdall beach bag you’ll probably find a collection of face creams, lip balms, waterproof mascara, more lip balms and probably oversized sunglasses from an up and coming designer who anyone under the age of 25 would never have heard of. Then of course there is the essential smartphone in its waterproof casing to catch-up on Facebook and Instagram, headphones so that she can’t hear the seagulls but can have a whole play list blasting in her ears for hours. Plus, there’s the e-reader with the latest must-have chick-lit best-seller or, if she’s into retro and can remember how to actually turn a page, then she may well have an actual book nestled in the bottom of her beach bag just waiting to be plucked out from underneath one of those chic Kaftans and the spare flip flops. And of course, it all has to go with that pretty summer sun dress. Of course, it soon becomes clear that choosing the right low-price beach bag with a view to using it as a giveaway or promotional gift is not that simple a proposition. At Bags of Ideas we have more than 40 years’ experience within the promotional merchandise industry meaning we are best placed to advise you on the best deal and most attractive product for your target customer. However, if you do find a better like-for-like price, we’ll do our best to ensure we beat any quote, and whether you’re looking for 100 plain stock totes, or 10,000 full colour bespoke bags, we supply from only the most trustworthy and reliable manufacturers to bring you top quality products top quality prices.

Brand Power is in the Bag

If you’re thinking of using a beach bag as a promotional tool we have a collection of brands and styles tto meet the extra stringent requirements of any self-respecting beach-goer – including natural fabrics such as cotton canvas with waterproof linings. Take for example the colourful summery Indico Beach Bag, made from 600d polyester, and sturdy enough to hold a damp beach towel or a pair of denim Jeans and comfortable sandals. The bold overall pattern – available in Navy, Orange and Red colour ways – makes it a stylish alternative to a plain promotional travel tote bag, with a lead time of only two to three weeks, and transfer printing of your brand identity in 80mm x 80mm. At the other end of the scale – in price and quality –  is the on-trend Binky designer-style travel beach bag in heavy duty canvas fabric. The Binky is no flimsy giveaway either, but is built to last in either red or blue with white stripes. The solid white front pocket (1205x150mm) provides plenty of space for your brand or company message, while there is an inside zipped pocket. Colour-matched tape handles add extra strength and comfort. The lead time for this tote bag is just seven days, making it a gift for brands who want to be noticed on the beaches of Europe this spring and summer … or autumn and winter, for that matter.
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