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Dos and Don’ts for selling post-lockdown

Posted on 18th May, 2020 at 12:30 PM

Selling Post Lockdown
Coronavrius has had a huge impact on UK businesses, bringing a silent and sudden chaos. Businesses nationwide had to rethink and adapt their sales and marketing strategies for uncertain and cautious buyers. As the UK slowly starts easing Lockdown, we look at what companies should – and shouldn’t – do to sell products and services in a post-Lockdown world. Hard selling techniques may not be as effective generating new business. Customers may be more sensitive. The key is to take a friendly but helpful approach, but sales teams may not know where to begin. To help your business navigate your way through selling in the sensitive environment, we’ve put together a dos and don’ts list to highlight some key considerations:
tick Understand your customer’s needs – All customers want innovative ideas and advice but may not be able to purchase straight away. Let them know that’s okay, and that you’re here to help with any questions they may have.
tick Be prepared for them to say no – Every person (and client) is different. Not everyone will be ready to invest yet. Be polite, thank them for their time and ask them to bear you mind for the future.
tick Listen to them – By listening to someone, you can get a feel of what they’re thinking. Always make sure to be understanding and friendly, and don’t interrupt. Take time to listen now and you could make a sale later down the line.
tick Let the customer lead – If they are interested in what you have to offer, they’ll want information. Let them lead the conversation and answer any questions they may have. Provide them with the relevant information, and give them space to make their own purchase decision.
tick Provide the best possible service – Go the extra mile for your customer. Show that you care by addressing any worries they may have, and make their experience as personable as you can. This is great for building memorable relationships and rapport.
tick Create a sense of urgency – Regardless of your own situation, any pressure felt by the customer is likely to backfire. If your stock is running low, you can always recommend an alternative, or let them know when the item(s) will be back in stock. If you need to close the sale, this will become apparent and may not go down too well.
x Turn your conversation into a sales pitch – Avoid hard-selling at all costs. By slipping into a sales pitch, no matter how well it may have previously worked, yobbcu run the risk of putting your rapport with the customer at jeopardy.
Remember above all, we’re all human. Think about how you’re communicating with potential and current customers. How would you respond if you were in their shoes? It’s a different world, and until things go back to “normal” we need to learn how to adapt. Putting your customers’ needs before your own has never been so paramount. When your business is ready to resume its marketing efforts and if you are after inspiration for your next campaign, our team is here to help. Until then, stay safe and think customer first.
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