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Exhibitor Tips for a Successful Trade Show

Posted on July 20, 2015 at 3:00 PM

Marketing Week Live 2014: Bags of Ideas Launches
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Retail Exhibitions

Retail Business Technology Expo 2015

5 Of the UK’s Top Exhibitions
The Retail Business Technology Expo (RBTE) is the well established, must-attend event for everyone involved in retail. It provides retailers with the best tools, advice and inspiration to improve their retail performance and is attended by an exhaustive number of professionals and exhibitors. Topics covered include big data, stock management, click & collect and much more. The last RBTE attracted over 8,500 attendees making it the most successful to date. 2015’s show is set to be the biggest yet with 450+ exhibitors and 150+ conference sessions giving in depth insight into every aspect of retail technology and best practice and also customer experience. The show runs from the 10th – 11th of March at Olympia in London.

The best bag: Bongo Canvas Shopper Bag

This, combined with durable handles, makes it ideal for carrying around lots of giveaways that you’re likely to receive at any retail expo.
Bongo Canvas Shopper Bag

The best bag: Travelight Holdall

The Travel Show 2015 is the UK’s biggest free travel show and takes place in the Business Design Centre in London. It features everything you need to plan and book your next holiday as well as exclusive deals and travel seminars. All the big names in the travel industry are present and available to give advice.

The show is aimed at the 18 – 39 market and features exclusive offers of up to 50% off trips to locations all over the globe. There is an exhibitor for everything meaning you can easily book a full travel itinerary regardless of your budget.

The show is on the 1st of March 2015 and will even feature recruiters looking for bright minds to join some of the biggest travel companies around!

The Travelight Holdall is the ideal light travel bag. Ideal for weekends away, or busy exhibitions, the bag has one main compartment and one pocket.
Travelight Holdall

Fitness Exhibitions

BodyPower Expo

The BodyPower Expo is the fastest growing consumer fitness exhibition in Europe that attracts tens of thousands of enthusiasts to the Birmingham NEC. The exhibition features hundreds of fitness experts from around the world and covers the full spectrum of fitness and sports related products and services.

Body Power Expo

Not only does the BodyPower Expo feature the latest fitness techniques and products it also focuses on encouraging and supporting those who are currently getting or keeping fit. It does so with ideas such as the Transformation Challenge that offers prizes to individuals who have undergone big changes on their road to fitness. The BodyPower Expo runs from the 15th – 17th of May 2015 and features representatives from bodybuilding, fitness, combat, strongman and power sports.

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The best bag: Sportual Sports Bag

The Sportual Sports Bag is an ideal medium sized sports bag for anyone with an active lifestyle. With plenty of storage space and a bottle holder it’s an ideal gym companion and can also be used for storing other sports related promotional items picked up at exhibitions.

Sportual Sports Bag

Technology Exhibitions

The Gadget Show LIVE

The Gadget Show LIVE

Almost everyone has heard of the Gadget Show. Well, it seems the TV program’s success lends itself well to the exhibition format as the Gadget Show LIVE is one of the largest technology exhibitions in the UK. It features everything from the latest retail tech to the best of British innovation and allows individuals to see, try and buy the latest technology. The Gadget Show LIVE also features many events and such as the Super Theatre where an hour long show will give vistors the chance to see some cutting edge tech tested live. You can also visit the Game Zone to view and test some world exclusives in gaming and enter free to play gaming tournaments.

The Gadget Show LIVE will be going on from the 7th – 12th of April 2015 at the NEC, Birmingham.

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The best bag: Papa Canvas Laptop Bag

The Papa Canvas Laptop Bag is a heavyweight, hard wearing, on-trend laptop bag. It’s perfect as a promotional item for any technology expo where visitors could be bringing their own laptops or purchasing one there.

It’s clear then that promotional bags are an extremely versatile and effective addition to any promotional marketing campaign, especially those based around exhibitions. As specialist promotional bag suppliers we can provide you with the perfect solution to any and all of your needs. Contact us today for more information.

Papa Canvas Laptop Bag

What also became apparent to him was how vast the range of bags out there is, and how difficult it can be for businesses to find the right bags for their company or promotion amongst the thousands of products available from a range of distributors. Despite this issue in the marketplace, there were virtually no businesses online dedicated to offering a diverse range of promotional bags along with competitive prices, industry expertise and top-class customer service.

That’s where Bags of Ideas came in – an online business specialising in promotional bags and nothing else. This business model has allowed us to create a place where consumers can find exactly the bags they need every time. And if our customers don’t know what would work best, our team of experts share their experience to make sure they come away with a product that will be highly effective to them. If that’s not enough, we used our connections to develop a service whereby we can manufacture truly unique bespoke bags for our customers. Just in case our huge range of bags wasn’t enough!

MWL was the first chance we had to unveil the Bags of Ideas brand, which had been quietly in development over the months prior. In this prime location, we were finally able to show off what we had to offer and obtain real feedback from exhibition goers. The result? A resounding success! Not only did people like the concept, but they loved the brand, the helpful team and our enthusiasm for our customers and what we do.

In online terms, Bags of Ideas is still in its infancy. But with an ever growing range of products and some of the best prices and turnaround times on the web, Bags of Ideas could soon be the only site you require for all your promotional bag needs.

Blog Posts

Trade show marketing is traditionally one of the most effective ways a business can promote their products and services and maximise brand visibility and credibility. It’s also one of the most costly and time consuming marketing practices, but get your strategy right and you could see an impressive return on investment.

Expand your customer base

With the right strategy, trade shows provide an excellent opportunity to generate highly targeted sales leads and expand your customer base. Utilising marketing tactics such as promotional bag giveaways and a well-designed booth can leave a lasting impression with prospective customers.

Reconnect with existing customers

Trade shows also allow you to strengthen relationships with your current customers. Inviting them to come to your trade show exhibit means you can introduce them to new products and services that will encourage further engagement and brand loyalty.

Strengthen your brand

The publicity and exposure offered by trade shows is highly valuable for building brand awareness. Whether you’re a new business looking to get your name out there or an established company looking to expand your customer base, trade shows allow you to get your brand noticed – and remembered – by your target market.

Review the competition

Another benefit of trade shows is that you can review your competition and learn which direction the industry is heading in. Knowing what companies are doing well or poorly, and what is trending in the field can be useful for honing and developing your marketing strategy.

Our Trade Show Exhibitor Tips Infographic

Planning a trade show marketing strategy can be daunting, especially if you are new to exhibiting at these types of events. With extensive trade show experience, here at Bags of Idea we know exactly what it takes to ensure your exhibit is successful and generates valuable sales leads.

To help you out, we have designed a handy trade show infographic with a step by step guide on what exhibitors should do before, during and after a trade show to maximise ROI.

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